Wills & Estate Planning

Wills and Estate Planning

Texas Wills and Estate Planning

Developing a strong estate plan is never easy. There are many differences when you have minor children, or a loved one who is dependent on you for their financial security. In some instances, you may be better off establishing a combination estate plan which contains a will as well as a trust, and in other cases, one or more trusts may be needed.

When to Consider Trusts

Establishing a trust means your finances are kept private. Unlike a will, a trust is not required to go through probate. As the maker of the trust, you will name the successor trustee and only those beneficiaries who are named in the trust document need be aware of any assets you leave to them.

Special Needs Trusts

When you have a family member who is dependent on disability income, there are restrictions on what they may own, or have in assets. While there may be no negative consequences on their SSI benefits, their medical care benefits could be at risk. We can help you with the proper special needs trust to ensure their benefits are not negatively impacted while ensuring their financial security.

Texas Guardianship Basics

In the event you have a disabled loved one who will require assistance after your death, naming a guardian for them in advance can save numerous problems. While the court will need to approve the guardian you name, we can help you draft the proper documents to care for them, and their finances after your passing.

When you need assistance with planning an estate, the Law Office of Bradley Voyles in McKinney, TX can help. We have been providing residents in the Collin County area with estate planning assistance for more than two decades, and we can help you find the right solution for your needs.